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Greek stefana ceremony ritual wedding

"Dimitri was incredibly professional, easy going and communicative. However, what really stood out to us was how adaptable and customisable his services were.

He struck the perfect balance in including traditional Greek symbolism that was important to us all whilst respecting and delivering on our wish to keep things non-denominational.

Dimitri was very gracious with his time both in the lead up and on the day - A beautiful addition to our ceremony!" - Yvette and James

Being of Greek heritage and speaking fluent Greek, it was only natural that I would be approached to hold or assist in ceremonies that feature traditional Greek ritual.


It often begins with couples wanting to  pay tribute to older relatives, or cultural and religious background but not necessarily knowing how to go about it.


There are many ways to incorporate rituals such as the 'Stefana' or the 'Common Cup' into a secular ceremony, but it's only through my years of experience that I've come to develop a balanced ceremony which celebrates the traditional whilst maintaining a modern twist that keeps an audience engaged.

Having that exposure to traditional Greek services behind the camera and from within the crowd has also allowed me to craft the presentation and performance of the rituals in a way that enhances their place within your ceremony as well as their aesthetic presence for your photographers, videographers and happy snapping guests.

Should my couples request that the ceremony feature spoken Greek, I tailor the script to be perfectly balanced as to reach the people it needs to as well as to avoid alienating anyone.


Admittedly, it's always cute seeing a giagia in the front row light up when I deliver the legal monitum in Greek. Can guarantee she'll be grabbing me by the elbow, asking me my name again and where my parents are from <3

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