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"Bridging the gap between modern

and traditional wedding ceremonies."

Nikki McCrone Photography - Melbourne

Nikki McCrone Photography

"Dimitrios was so patient and calm with the whole process. Leading up to and on the wedding day was absolutely seamless. He was so attentive to any questions we had and we cannot thank him enough." - Peter and Jackie

Over the course of the last 500 ceremonies, I've been part of many diverse weddings, celebrating rich cultural ties and amazing rituals that align with a couple's cultural identity. To date, I have been privileged enough to be a part of traditionally Greek, African, Scottish, Catholic, South Asian and Jewish ceremonies. And yes, I have performed ceremonies with stefana and glass stomping.

Where I specialize is in scripting intimate and moving ceremonies by incorporating stories and poems that truly represent my clients and their guests. My experience allows me to strike a perfect blend of every ceremony element so my couple's special moment is balanced, personal and resonates with everyone in attendance.


Whatever the theme, look and feel, I will dress the part and deliver the ceremony you've wanted. I do have one rule though; No Dad jokes.

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