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Duuet Weddings Photography @ Ballara Receptions - Eltham

Duuet Weddings

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Q: How do you create a ceremony?

Using your answers from the Story Builder Questionnaire and your highlighted samples of script and ritual from the Stellarbrant Ceremony Builder and Information booklet,

I put together a completely personalized ceremony, reflecting your story, personality and values. I also incorporate any rituals and readings you've chosen to include.

Q: Can you include religious readings or ritual?

If it is something you'd like to incorporate into the ceremony, most definitely. Outside of the legal wording of the monitum, civil ceremonies can be structured any way you'd like. Please keep in that while I can recommend a supplier, I do not provide ritual elements such as candles, stefana, sand vessels etc.

Q: Do you play music during the ceremony?

Yes, I can play the music of your choice to open and close the ceremony.

Q: Do you MC?

I have been known to MC in the past but it's generally something I avoid or do not provide. In emergencies, I have stepped in at a ceremony to do basic introductions, first dance etc, should an MC drop out last minute, but it is not a service I typically provide. 

The main reason is due to the fact that I do multiple ceremonies over weekends and I can't be leaving a venue at 11pm or later, to be refreshed, recharged and ready for my next day's weddings which may be starting in the first half of the morning.

MC'ing is a role which requires a lot of energy and a lot of pre-planning, and it's one I am happy to leave to professionals who are passionate about it. I'm happy being the 'marryer'!

Therefore, please do not enquire with me, have me take you through the intro process, only to find out I don't offer MC services. We'll both be disappointed :)

Q: Do you have any videoclips of weddings you've attended?

Unfortunately, I don't have any videos of me in action for a few different reasons. One would be that many couples are forgoing a videographer and investing further in other suppliers such as photographers, photo booths, fireworks etc. 

If video is captured on the day, it usually comes in well after the photos make it back, with many photographers offering 'sneak peak' shots within 24 hours of the ceremony, and by that point couples forget to pass them to their suppliers. 

And lastly, and probably the most inevitable of all, when couples receive their 'movie trailer' reel (5-6 minutes long) that they usually share, the celebrant's participation is whittled down to a soundbite introducing the couple and opening the ceremony, and announcing them to their guests at the end.  As someone who ran a media company that often covered weddings, I can't argue with this editing tactic lol *facepalm*.

The best way to describe my ceremony style and presentation would be to look at my tag line: 'Bridging the gap between modern and traditional wedding ceremonies'

I like to keep things light, fun and engaging but remembering to maintain a sense of tradition and occasion.

I adapt my tone and delivery to the feel of the room and most importantly, to your personalities. No cliches, no outlandish language, no cringe worthy gags better suited to late night stand up. Have a look at my reviews to hear from some of my couples yourself :D

Q: Where can we meet you?

Whether it's your home or your local, I am happy to meet couples where it is most convenient for them. My office is also available for use. I am also up for after hour Zoom chats if that's what you prefer. Give me a call or send me a message to discuss this further.

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